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Elements of a Viral Launch Page

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Elements of a Viral Launch Page

Like a lot of things on the Smashing Magazines website, I found these two articles to be very interesting. If you are beginning a new venture, application, or website, you should take a look at these. While the content is more specifically targeted to websites and not mobile applications, it’s clear that when you are launching a new application you are likely going to need a website at the same time. At a minimum, the website will work as a marketing tool for your new app. In many cases, the website will be a critical piece of your application ecosystem allowing your users to log-in and interact with some element of your app. So for all of us who develop apps, we have to also think and plan for the entire solution. That means thinking beyond the application and building an effective environment for the broader context of what you are trying to accomplish. Here are the articles for your review and comment.

Elements of a Viral Launch Page

Building an Effective ‘Coming Soon’ Page


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