Design & Development

Now the fun really begins. The wire-frame of your application and the basic navigation is established. The Design and Development service provided by Apps42 provides you with initial images and documents and how the detailed user views will look. We select and review color schemes for the app. Final branding of the app will be determined and we start working on the native code needed to run the app on one or more of your device types.

During the Development process, Apps42 will provide you with interim builds. Depending on your needs, we will give you ad-hoc versions of your code so you can play with it and make adjustments to your app’s functionality, look, and feel. The final app will be delivered to you in three stages.

  • ALPHA will be a build that will certainly be for your eyes only.  It will not be polished or it may contain known bugs.  This build will be for you to say yes, this is what I had in mind. Let’s continue to the next phase.
  • BETA will be a build internal to Apps42 that we will have tested thoroughly and will have been through a QA cycle.  This version of the app is where we focus on useability and user feedback from a select group of app testers. During this phase known bugs should be gone.  New bugs found by end users will be collected and the app will be subject to suggestions or ideas on final polish for the user interface.
  • RELEASE will be the final build where we have subjected the app to all of the testing we believe necessary.  The release build is what we make before we send the app to the app store or set it up on an internal server for enterprise deployment.  The release code is the copy of the source code Apps42 turns over to you for safekeeping.