Architecture & Planning

Planning your application project is a necessary first step in building a quality app. The principles we use at Apps42 is to start with a structured planning document that outlines the key major elements of a good app design and deployment. We use this plan as a guide to efficient development. Some of the key questions we explore when engaged in a planning exercise include:

  • What is the basic idea of the app
  • Who is your target audience
  • What level of app sophistication do your users have
  • Where do you want to take your audience
  • Will the app need unique graphics or audio
  • What and where is your content
  • Will there likely be many or few future updates to the app
  • Is the app a free, enterprise, or commercial app

Once we have a good idea of your direction we can talk about how we get there.

  • What will the architecture look like
  • How will we navigate through the app
  • What unique features of the device will be needed
  • Will the data be static or dynamic
  • Where does the data currently exist
  • Will there be a need for a back-end server
  • Do we want to include usage statistics
  • What devices do you want to the app to run on
  • When do you want to launch
  •  What should be our interim milestones during development
  •  Do we need to set up a new app store for this app

This list is a starting point in our discussion during the planning sessions. As we progress with turning your idea into a reality many more will become apparent. Documenting these points will help coalesce our mutual understanding and lead to a better design and development phase with Apps42.